The Marketing of Madness:The Truth About Psychotropic Drugs (Part 1)


by AntiCPSMom

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Another revealing and well researched documentary exposing the pseudoscience of Psychiatry.
Sigmund Freud (mentioned in this part of the documentary) was actually an immoral sexually perverted drug junkie who was addicted to cocaine and smoking, and despite his Jewish ancestry he was really an atheist, so no G-D Fearing Jew should take pride in the fact that he was of Jewish ancestry anymore than they should take pride that the Biblical personage Ahab was of Jewish ancestry (1kings16:30-31).
In fact Jews should be furious with him, because Freud took enlightening Jewish religious concepts which he had some familiarity with, and twisted and distorted them in order to create his bogus theories. I marvel that no other Jew realizes that his theory of a person (characterized by the term "ego" which also means "I" in Latin and Greek, such as "Ego grafo" in Greek meaning "I write" or "Ego ambulo" in Latin meaning "I walk". I've studied Latin and Greek and know how to read Greek.) being in a constant struggle between the extremely moral disciplinary part of his being ( called "the superego" by Freud) and the selfish egocentric side of his being ( called "the id" by Freud), is nothing more than a poor and erroneous adaptation of the traditional Jewish concept that a person throughout life struggles between the influences of yezer ha ra ( meaning "the evil inclination", man's sinful tendency, or negative spiritual forces) and yetzer ha tov ( meaning "the good inclination", the virtuous part of man, the capacity in man to do good). In Feud's concept plagiarism he merely replaced the "yetzer ha ra" with "id" , the person caught between those influences with "ego", and the "yetzer ha tov" with the term "superego". So Freud is not an original enlightened thinker, but someone who took cherished Jewish beliefs which promote awareness of real spiritual truths, and distorted and secularized them to suit his atheistic sensibilities while passing it off as "his own original thought". I noticed what he had done with the Jewish concept mentioned on my own and did not read it anywhere, though I wish that others would realize this. I plan on writing an article on how Freud distorted Jewish theological concepts to form his false theories. By doing this he has disrespected our Sages. Freud's daughter Ana helped to bolster and expand the pseudoscientific branch of child psychiatry which has so victimized my family, and is responsible for the mass drugging of countless children. Therefore,these people have contributed nothing good to humanity or to authentic societal progress.
Please go to Part 2 of another documentary exposing psychiatry that explains what is being done to the majority of foster children (URL below):

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