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    The Unheard Testimony of Gu Kailai's Son


    by NTDTelevision

    On Monday, a court in China's Hefei city gave a suspended death sentence to Gu Kailai, the wife of a disgraced Communist official, for the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood after he allegedly threatened Gu’s son.

    It's widely thought that mentions of this reported threat were to pave the way for a lighter sentence against Gu.

    A spokesman for the Hefei court said the court had concluded that Heywood sent Gu's son a threatening email, but that Heywood had never acted his threat.

    Which is interesting, because of what Gu's son had to say.

    The Hefei court received a written testimony from Gu’s son, Bo Guagua, saying he hadn’t been in contact with Heywood for years, a source close to the case told the Washington Post.

    However, the source said that the court did not ultimately use that testimony.

    If it exists, this testimony would cast in doubt the official narrative Chinese officials are providing in regards to Gu's motives.

    Huang Zhongqing, a Beijing branch director of Hong Kong's South China Morning Post, told the BBC that the Chinese Communist Party dealt with this case as a political decision, not a verdict in law.

    And with the end of Gu's trial, people are now focusing on how the CCP will deal with Gu Kailai's husband, disgraced official Bo Xilai.