Furious Farmer Used Manure to Scare Trespassers

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Furious Farmer Used Manure to Scare Trespassers - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

Farmers are known to employ creative methods to protect their lands against human as well as animal trespassers.

Recently, an angry farmer in Germany chose a method unlike any other. The elderly man was upset when he discovered about 40 ‘trance music fans’ having a party on his property. He asked the partygoers to end their celebration and when they refused, the farmer allegedly drove a manure-filled truck to the field and hosed the group.

The manure act seemed to do the trick causing the group to leave, however they complained to law enforcement about thousands of dollars in damage done to their vehicles and tents.

In another case involving creative fighting tools, earlier this summer, a man walking in his yard stepped into some animal feces, cleaned off his feet and threw it into his neighbor's field. The neighbor's relative ended up retaliating by throwing a bucketful of dog feces at the man.

Then there was the woman from Iowa, who use a pooper-scooper to chase unwanted guests out of her house.