Saudi crown prince laid to rest in Mecca

Al Jazeera English

by Al Jazeera English

Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Saudi crown prince whose death was announced on Saturday, has been laid to rest in Mecca.

The 88-year-old King Abdullah travelled to Mecca on Sunday for the ceremony, as did other members of the royal family and international dignitaries. Seated next to Abdullah was Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, Egypt's military ruler. The emir of Kuwait was also among the heads of state who attended the funeral.

A group of Saudi princes received Nayef's body in Jeddah earlier in the day. The crown prince and longtime interior minister was to be buried in Al-Adl cemetery near the grand mosque in Mecca, where several other members of the royal family are buried.

Al Jazeera's mohamed vall reports from Riyadh, the Saudi capital.