Quan nua khuya - Phuong diem hanh


door Viettrinh

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2 commentaar

Phuong Diêm Hanh a une très belle voix Vietnamienne,elle est belle et envoutante,Bravo l'artiste.Merci VT.
Door TiGer 7 jaren geleden
Simply wonderful! She sings with the heart and with a purity of God!
Congratulations Viettrinh, for placing videos as soon as takes the pleasure the people of hearing a good music. The musíca approaches the people and in this such violent world, we needed of the music as an instrument and a love symphony so that the people reach the peace!
Happy New Year the whole ones and especially to you Viettrinh, that should be a wonderful girl and special for God.
Door dutryen 8 jaren geleden