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    US troops aid Uganda in hunt for LRA's Joseph Kony

    Al Jazeera English

    by Al Jazeera English

    American Special Forces have begun providing training and logistical support to Ugandan soldiers hunting Joseph Kony, leader of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA).

    Indicted by the International Criminal Court in 2005, Kony founded the group which is accused of murdering, raping and kidnapping thousands of civilians throughout the country, as well as South Sudan, the Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo.

    The LRA is especially notorious for the practice of abducting children to use as soldiers and forcing them to kill their parents.

    While the US says its soldiers are not in Uganda to directly participate in military operations, its forces do carry heavy artillery that they have been instructed to use in cases of self-defence.

    Al Jazeera's Malcolm Webb reports from Entebbe Air-force Base, Uganda.

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