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    Al-Shabab says aid group ban remains in place

    Al Jazeera English

    by Al Jazeera English

    Aid agencies are pressing ahead with help for drought hit victims in the Horn of Africa.

    But that is becoming harder with Al-Shabab rebels in Somalia now saying that a ban on foreign aid remains in place.

    In a transit refugee camp in Dolo Ado, Al Jazeera's Peter Greste reports that some of the newest arrivals in the camp say that Al-Shabab appears to be stopping people from actually trying to cross the border.

    "We cannot verify that ofcourse but certainly the...stories we are hearing is that there simply is no food out there; that the security situation is deteriorating, there is a lot of fighting going on; that people simply have no choice but to move if they possibly can," he said.

    Greste says 1500 people are arriving in Dadaab daily, while 200-500 people are arriving in Dolo Ado from the initial 2000 people.

    The rebel group has also accused the UN of exaggerating the drought, calling it propaganda.

    But charities say it is the group's blockade of aid since 2009 that has caused a famine in areas under its control.