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    'Cops use shock & awe tactics to devastate OWS'

    RT News Channel

    RT News Channel

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    Hundreds of arrests and multiple injuries are the result of the massive 'day of action' across the U.S. by the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Tens of thousands of activists against corporate greed took part in rallies in key cities across the United States, marking two months of the movement. But several met with a heavy police response. Officers in riot gear, armed with batons and shields were accused of brutality against mostly-peaceful demonstrators. The focal point was, of course, New York, where crowds took to bridges, the subway and tried to disrupt the Stock Exchange to make their frustration heard. RT spoke with Felipe Messina, a correspondent for the independent Media Roots news organization, who believes police are purposefully going beyond the call of duty to nip the protests in the bud.

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