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    Civil war looms as mass media caught in Syria crossfire

    RT News Channel

    RT News Channel

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    The European Union is preparing a new batch of sanctions against Syria, which the French foreign minister says will be the harshest yet. It comes after an EU-backed resolution that could have paved the way for military intervention, was struck down at the UN. We're also getting disturbing footage from the rebel stronghold city of Homs, which opposition sources say is being shelled by the Syrian army. There are reports of casualties - although this can't yet be verified. Earlier, opposition fighters operating out of Homs attacked a number of police patrols and army bases. Elsewhere in the country, security forces say they've cleared all but two rebel outposts near the capital, seizing vast caches of arms and explosives along the way. Our report from Sarah Firth, contains some images you may find disturbing.

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