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    London Olympics 2012 most glorious moments, NMA style

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    The world's biggest party is over for another four years.
    If you feel sad and lost, it's time to relive the most glorious and shameful moments with NMA!

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    The Olympics are always surrounded by controversies. Before the Games got started, the US team encountered wardrobe problems when it was discovered their uniforms were made in China. We were not sure what the big deal was.

    Then, after winning gold and breaking the world record,16-year-old Chinese Swimmer Ye Shiwen was questioned about the legitimacy of her performance. We on the other hand were not surprised by her performance; she must know some ancient Chinese underwater Kung-Fu.

    Speaking of swimmer, how can we forget about the greatest Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps? However, his fellow teammate Ryan Lochte sure stole Phelps' limelight just with his interviews.

    Taiwan didn't get as much Kung-Fu training as China, so we didn't do so well this time. But we sure are good at some sports, as our animation proves.

    As always, the Olympics was all about rivalries between countries. So we picked out some of the most intense fights for your viewing pleasure: The US vs China, Japan vs Korea, and Team GB vs Australia.