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    Ghost Borders: More arms spells more bloodshed in Syria

    RT News Channel

    RT News Channel

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    China has called for an immediate cease-fire in Syria and has urged all parties to the conflict to engage in talks. Beijing is also calling for unity at the U.N. Security Council which is now contemplating a new resolution, after two previous motions were vetoed by China and Russia. The Chinese are also warning against the use of humanitarian aid as a pretext for foreign interference in Syrian affairs. That's as the Red Cross says it's being prevented from helping the worst-hit areas of the city of Homs - a rebel stronghold which has come under intense Syrian army bombardment. The capture of 100 suspected mercenaries trying to flee the city, many of them French, has increased speculation over outside interference in the conflict.
    A senior rebel leader has also claimed his militia group had been supplied with French and American weapons.
    And as Maria Finoshina reports, more arms could spell more bloodshed.

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