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    The Laya of Shiva The Ashtapadis (Dr. Raja Radha Reddy)


    by Indiaimage

    The World renowned dancing couple Dr. Raja and Radha Reddy have given a new dimension to the age old art of Kuchipudi dance without sacrificing the traditional poetry or dramatic sensibility. With rare excellence and perfection of technique they have earned the credit for Kuchipudi's high ranking today among the major dance forms of India. They hail from the state of Andhra Pradesh, the birthplace of Kuchipudi style of Indian classical Dance.

    Through their togetherness and perfect unison Dr. Raja and Radha Reddy portray the masculine vigor lyrical charm of the pairs of Hindu mythology such as Shiva-Parvati, Rama-Sita and Krishna-Radha thus identifying themselves with the twin concept of Purusha and Prakriti, the male- female principle in Indian philosophy. In precise postures and refined patterns the duo re-enlivens the magnificent sculptures chiseled in the ancient temples of India.

    The unique art of Raja and Radha Reddy found befitting official recognition through the many awards. They created history by becoming first couple to receive individually and simultaneously the Padma Shree and PADMA BHUSHAN and the prestigious Sangeet Natak Award. They have had the honour of participating in International Dance Festivals such as the Avignon in France, Salzburg in Austria, Edinburg in Scotland, Festival of India in USA , South America, South Africa, Europe and so on. They were invited to the declare open the "Play House Theatre" in Durban, South Africa for general public with their inaugural Kuchipudi performance and also had the privilege of representing India as the star attraction of the All-star Ballet Gala festival in Japan.

    The dancing duo Raja and Radha Reddy are also one of the most sought after choreographers in the country today. In their career spanning over four decades they have choreographed several dance dramas, solos, duets and group performances.

    Raja and Radha Reddy attribute a major part of their success to Kaushalya Reddy. Without whom they believe their life would have been incomplete. As Raja's second wife she is not only a partner in their professional life but is also partner in personal life. Today they are synonymously known as the Kuchipudi trio Raja Radha and Kaushlaya Reddy.
    Dr. Raja, Radha and Kaushalya Reddy along with their daughters Yamini and Bhavana, in the true style of Guru-Shishya parampara are engaged in passing on their art to younger generation at their institution NATYA TARANGINI