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    Xbox 720 to Be Fueled by Next Generation Kinect?


    by TheGamerAccess

    When Microsoft's Kinect was announced at the price of $149.99, a large percentage of the media began speculating whether or not Microsoft's aim to make the Xbox experience more interactive would become an essential peripheral for owners of the Xbox 360, or fail miserably as many previous peripherals have. Here we are nearly two years later and the Kinect sold so well, it became the fastest selling consumer electronics device beating out the almighty iPhone 4.

    With Xbox 360's life cycle eventually coming to a halt, speculation of what Microsoft has in store for the next Xbox is at its prime and the evolution of Kinect is certainly not quiet either. Microsoft has pulled off many impressive feats with the current Kinect and knowing that the possibilities of the next Xbox and Kinect are endless, open up a realm of speculation for gamers alike. What will the next Kinect feature? What capabilities will be offered that have yet to be seen? These are the questions being asked and come next year, we should all find out!