Pink Floyd The Great Gig In The Sky


by avajra

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In order for greatness==Rachel Fury!

There were others??
By Steven Funk December
This is from the Delicate Sound of Thunder DVD 1988. The concert footage is from the Nassau Colliseum in New York. The singers are Rachel Fury, Durga McBroom and Margaret Taylor in order of appearance. It is my all-time favorite version of Great Gig.
By Siggy Mueller October
Gratulation to this three super singers Rachel, Durga and Margaret. There is nothing better in the world like this!!!!!! I am fascinated to this voices.
By WernerRobin Last year
Wo und wann fand dieses Konzert statt?
By WernerRobin Last year
Nobody beats Rachel Fury - it's she who makes you understand the Great Gig.
By Dalsky 2 years ago
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