black sabbath war pigs


by iowaluder

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Hello Mr. "warpigsdieinhell", I don't tolerate intolerence. I wipe it out. Wake up America. Get your heads out of the newspapers. The "machine" that is turning, is people like "warpigsdieinhell". Idealogy at it's finest. I am tired of people relying on politicians who have peoples blood on their hands because of votes or ideaology. That is why I support knowing how to survive when put into a situation of life or death. Maybe if "warpigsdieinhell" was put in that position, he would want to know how to protect himself. Stop attacking reality, and think about the individual being forced or fooled into carrying out the others idealogy.
By manageit 5 years ago
Check out manageit's comment, him inventing excuses as to why the murder of millions of people by the US is a good thing makes it alright. So some ex jar head thinks it's good to go door to door and kill people, makes him feel better and sleep better at night that the US spends it's money and resources learning how to kill people more effectively, and he doesn't get why people want people like him dead. Murderers always think their murder is justified, no point in arguing with one, let others with brains read and learn. the hardest thing isn't having an uneducated know nothing die by going to kill others, the hardest thing is watching your country over run by brainless idiots raised by people like this guy who can't figure out that their killing of others is no more justified than anyone killing them. but they can paint everything in a flag and forget about their humanity and responsibility to God to not touch His Creation, worthless people will burn in Hell.
By warpigsDieBurninHell 5 years ago
I think that the Iraq, and Afganistan wars helped save lifes in the long run. Before these two wars, the USA wasn't prepared for door to door combat. I am a veteran. I feel for the parents of fallen sons. I understand it is the hardest thing to cope with, a son dying. My son wants to join the Marines. I will be fully confident when any politician fights a war to win. Not just to bide time during his or her term.
By manageit 5 years ago
To the poor soldier who posted " 9/11 was a fuck up by the islams don't fuck with uncle sam " I feel really sorry for you and would love to recommend some BOOKS on American History in only the last 30 yrs. I am going to go out on a limb here and guess you don't read many history books. You should look up BP oil in IRAN first starting after WW2. Then I recommend you research the Bush family fortune and Saudi royals. Also maybe Reagan and Bush and Iran Contra. If you can't figure it out from there I still hope you don't die like a PEON for the rich pussy chicken hawks that paid for false intel. and took us into two occupations we will never get of.
Ty for your service !!!
By Ray Hayes 6 years ago
american hippie right here man long live peace!!!
By Vforvendetta911 6 years ago
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