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    Controlled Instability: Kosovo police face-off at check point

    RT News Channel

    RT News Channel

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    Kosovo has sent its special forces to the Serb-populated north - after a tit-for-tat trade ban caused tension to flare up. Police seized control over one border crossing, while the other two are being blocked by local Serbs. Kosovo's move has been widely-condemned by the UN and the EU, among others - and it's feared it will stoke ethnic anger. Kosovo proclaimed its independence in 2008 when it unilaterally split from Serbia. Some 600-thousand Serbs still live in the region, but refuse to recognize Kosovan sovereignty. Kosovo's independence has been a bone of contention between Serbia and the EU- which is pressing Belgrade to recognize Kosovo before it can become a member. Joining RT is political analyst Aleksandr Pavic - he's in the Serbian capital now.
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