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    What Is Predictive Analytics? Increasing Conversion Rate Using Predictive Analytics

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    What Is Predictive Analytics? Prepare Your Site For A Predictive Future

    Predictive analytics is an area of statistical analysis that deals with using information from data to predict future trends and behaviour patterns.

    People traditionally speaking have been very reactive to most things in general, but through large amounts of data that we are able to gather through analytics we are now able to become far more predictive and as a result proactive.

    An example of this working highly effectively is the police departments in the US. Traditionally they used pins on boards to record incidents but now they are using analytical data to predict what crimes will occur in which types of weather conditions,specific events and certain times of the year/day. We are able to make informed decisions on our website's data in much the same way.

    There are free tools online like Google Analytics, which allow you to track the basic metrics of your website, including page views, average time on site and visits.Many websites are starting to take tools like Google Analytics one step further. Not only are they looking at data to analyse how users have been behaving, but they are also determining what may happen in the future and this where it gets interesting.

    One prominent website that already uses predictive analytics is, which uses customer's purchases to predict what they may buy in the future, as well as track how much they're spending and on what.