Another bot from Frogz faction : riclette (Harshlands)

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This how u can recognize a bot : look at what she is doing. She is attacking mobs in SPAWN order. If she was a real player she would attack the closest mob.
If her life is going down she is using spark 1, EVERYTIME. Wen u attack her she doesn t not answer. When she dies, she doesn t NOT get up after hours. I have screens about how she is filling up her bag : it shows that she ISN T able to drop crappy items. (She has to fill slots with 1 DQ item to keep opened slots). If mobs respawn at bad place, she can t attack and dies, i had to save her sooner
Ticket will be submitted to GMs.

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ok i see that u REALLY enjoyed my vid because u made an account on dailymotion for being able to leave a comment. (video uploaded 20 august and ur account has been created 20 august too ( So i guess that u are a Frogz, how can i be jealous? u are about to be all banned for server. HAVE A VERY NICE JOURNEY ;)
Par dm_503102b8a6190 il y a 2 ans
loul, it's smells like jealousy or what? he stole ur spot and u make a tape like a naab... thousand bots in pw. Make a good add for PB. Enjoy ur pity life and don't forget ur A.Exp. Enrick
Par dm_5032083c834d3 il y a 2 ans