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    Cross Movement - Livin' It


    par wanzea

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    BOF du film "Livin It" (

    Lyrics :

    we live for this
    we die for this
    we rock for this
    come alive for this
    'cause when it's on it's on
    when it's on it's on
    when it's on it's on
    when it's on it's on

    Listen up
    No time for switchin' up
    Nobody givin up,
    Life in Christ we live it up
    They try to limit us to livin in the lime light
    We on the ground, like it's time to get their mind right
    It's time to find Christ, who's given the blind sight
    No ice, no cream between these bars
    This 'aint Klondike
    This 'aint unsound hight
    Don't live a confound life
    Come to the light
    Where the sun shines bright

    Two places, Earth and Heaven
    Two races, human plus the one that set in-to places
    Better to have sinned and began to chase him
    Than to be like homie didn't admit with two faces
    Let's get it in,
    they don't think we comin'
    Stand firm, don't squirm son we can't be runnin'
    He put His life on the line like scrimmage
    and took a life sentence
    for Him to put Divine Life in us


    When it's on you gatta concentrate
    'cause the consequence of the fall
    is a constant fate
    You gatta land the 180
    freak the 360
    You can't control the hoke(?) and Bill Bigsby
    Nimble and nifty
    We can't clean the Q
    Life is too shifty,
    we gatta face it dude
    It's the X Games
    God expects change
    But only accepts names
    Inside of His Son's pains
    Silence the one thing
    that'll hurt your height
    Wear you down to the earth and
    Hurt your flight
    Hurt your life
    Though you work with all your might
    All your work ain't workin right
    We need the works of Christ
    cause in Him
    all hope is born
    grab your board and your bike
    and it's on


    This life's got a latta lusta
    I mean it could turn a King
    into a feign or a hustler
    can make you lust for things
    and make you rush to scenes
    where they discuss some discusting things
    The lust could
    have you all flustered
    have you all cuffed up
    make you break your neck like busta'
    tryin' to find a meanin like
    if we
    Don't convience, we gon' die tryin' like
    video, you know how the city rolls
    you know the souls are controlled by the flows and the videos
    Bust there
    Try'n to get a rush there
    Try'n to make a
    buck there
    But they're
    parts spares
    usin all the arts we're
    willin to see
    catch wheel and the heat
    but blown minds got the
    skill in the streets
    In life you gon' battle through
    I ain't mad at you
    My additude is if you know Christ
    You know radical