Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Review! [3G/Wifi]

Max Lee

by Max Lee

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I have the WIFI only version. Is it possible to use the 3G connection of my Galaxy S3 on the tablet when there's no WIFI where I am? Cause I use my 3G connection from my SGS3 to my laptop but not sure how to do it with the tablet... thnx
By A.nonymous3 years ago
Wigbert Rivera
Like your video.I bought the Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 N8013 and it's awesome, but i realize that i need the 3g wifi N8000. I want to know when is this tablet going to be available in USA market. Does you know when it's going to be released in north america ?If safe to buy from amazon or best buy is going to have it ???thanks
By Wigbert Rivera3 years ago
hi there, can you show and explain how you use it at a phone and where is the simcard slot
By dm_505e2e9d3debd3 years ago