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    Chinese "Boy in the Stone" Freed


    by NTDTelevision

    Finally today, a little boy in Guizhou province may have learnt a lesson about playing with stones – or stone railings to be exact.

    The young boy was playing with friends on a staircase, but managed to put himself in a hard position – literally. For some reason, perhaps he wanted to see what was on the other side, his head became stuck between the stone railings, and playtime stopped being fun.

    Firefighters were called in to free the boy. First they tried to pry him out with their bare hands, but the stone—and the young boy’s head—would not budge. By now, the harrowing rescue effort had attracted quite a crowd.

    Eventually, the rescuers brought out a saw and, with some delicate and careful maneuvering, the boy was freed from the rather unpleasant stony confinement.

    The boy appears to be unhurt after the ordeal. He was however quite upset by the whole experience—and probably won’t be peering through stony railings again anytime soon.