Interviews with the women of SPARKLE

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When it comes to your dreams, will you know when to make the right move?
For 19-year-old Sparkle, an innocent, bubbly young woman growing up in late 1960s’ Detroit, making that leap has its rewards and its consequences. The girl who grew up admiring her mother and sisters and loving everything about singing would soon discover love, hurt, disappointment, independence and courage through music, and her quest to be a star.
SPARKLE is the story of three sisters who love each other fiercely, who each have their own dreams and ambitions, and who form a girl group as a way of capitalizing on the Motown sound sweeping the nation. And it looks like they’re going to take the music world by storm. But looming over them is the shadow of a strong mother who isn’t necessarily supportive of that dream, and hard realities about the spotlight that threaten to tear at the fabric of their tightly knit family.
This new version of SPARKLE is an ode to the genius of the original 1976 movie, modified to the music, fashion, lingo and historical affects of the 1960s, while maintaining the emotional clarity and aspirational spirit of the earlier classic. The city has been changed to Detroit, the home of “Hit Factory” Motown, and the original struggling single parent is now an upper middle class family doing very well. But it retains its enriching focus on the consequences of choices and how they affect those you love, all the while reiterating the importance of family and faith.Distributed by