RT exclusive video: Nationalist 'icon' Colonel Budanov killed in Moscow

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RT News Channel

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Yury Budanov, a disgraced Russian colonel sentenced for kidnapping and killing a Chechen teenager, has been killed in central Moscow. Some Russian nationalists believe him to be a hero unjustly jailed to pacify Chechens. Budanov was shot on Friday in one of Moscow's biggest streets in front of a notary's office. Police believe he was killed by a trained assassin in a well-planned operation. Preliminary reports say a hitman and an accomplice committed the crime. One person armed with a silenced pistol is believed to have shot Budanov four times at point-blank range. The shooter aimed for his target's head, investigators say. The accomplice was waiting in a car parked nearby. After the kill the duo sped away. The car was later found not far from the crime scene. Inside the vehicle, police discovered the pistol which apparently was used to kill Budanov. Some reports say Budanov was wearing a colonel uniform the moment he was killed. If true, it was illegal, since he was stripped of awards and military rank after conviction.

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