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    Horrors of Homs: 'Killing, bloodshed, bodies on the streets'

    RT News Channel

    RT News Channel

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    Over a hundred foreign mercenaries have reportedly been captured by Syrian government troops after regaining control of rebel-held areas in the city of Homs.
    Sources say the majority of them are French, with the rest from several Arab countries.
    Syrian authorities claim that life in the city that's been under siege for almost a month is getting back to normal, but, as RT's Maria Finoshina reports, there are serious fears the fighting is far from over.

    Residents of Homs and eyewitness say horrific scenes of carnage have become a part of everyday life there.
    RT spoke to a Russian woman who spent over a week in the embattled city - who says the picture painted by the media does not always match the reality.

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