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    'Pregnant Man' Divorce Proceedings Unraveling

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    by Geo Beats

    'Pregnant Man' Divorce Proceedings Unraveling - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Marriage is complicated in general. Throw in a transgender man, three babies and the whole situation screams attention and controversy.

    Thomas Beatie garnered news attention in 2007 when he became “the world’s first pregnant man”. Beatie was born as a woman, but he had his gender legally changed to male in Hawaii prior to marrying wife Nancy in 2003. However, Beatie had not yet undergone surgery on his female reproductive organs, so he decided to carry the couples’ three children. Now the couple is going through divorce proceedings and an Arizona judge wants proof that the marriage was indeed legitimate. The judge states that at the time of the nuptials, Beatie had female organs, which may make the union null and void. Beatie’s lawyer says “We're fighting Thomas' validation, it's a valid marriage, he's a male, he's a valid person and that's what this fight is all about”

    Earlier this year, an unidentified transgender man stirred controversy as “Britain's first male mother”. While living as a man for several years, he was able to reverse the effects of his sex change procedure, and gave birth to a baby with his male partner.