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    Man Steals Bag of Pot From Police Station

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    by Geo Beats

    Man Steals Bag of Pot From Police - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    While there are many examples of bold burglaries, stealing from police evidence is beyond brazen.

    A man from Pennsylvania was arrested after allegedly stealing a bag of confiscated cannabis. 27-year-old, David Allan Thompson arrived at the station over the weekend to speak to an officer about a separate case. Officer David Kimball brought Thompson into a room and briefly walked away. However the suspect reportedly followed him to the patrol room, where an enticing bag of marijuana resided. Kimball escorted him back to the original room and after concluding their conversation, Thompson left the station. Once discovered that a bag of pot was missing, officers confronted Thompson outside the station. When asked “What did you do with the weed?”, Thomson handed over the bag replying “I just couldn’t help myself. That bud smelled so good.”

    Earlier this year, another sneaky thief stole from a police department right under officers’ noses. A 43-year-old man from Aberdeen was released from the city jail for a previous complaint. Officers realized shortly after his release that a pair of handcuffs was missing and re-arrested him after he allegedly tried to pawn them.