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    Snow Wolf Shovel

    AIS Products

    by AIS Products

    144 views | Snow Wolf Shovel presented by AIS Industrial Construction Supply is a fast and safe alternative to shoveling snow.

    Looking for an easier, faster and safer way to clear your sidewalks or drive way? Clearing snow with virtually no effort using the Ergonomic wheeled Snow Shovel "Snow Wolf" is the way to go. The Snow Wolf Shovel design helps to reduce your risk of back and heart injury associated to normal snow shoveling.

    Watch this video to see how the snow wolf shovel revolutionizes the old way of manual snow removal by as much as three times faster as well as safer.

    Your Snow Wolf Shovel leverages the weight of the snow at the axel that creates a seesaw action for the tool and not your back. This seesaw action allows you to throw twice as much snow with less effort or strain on the human body.

    This tool is quiet, environmentally clean and virtually maintenance-free while outperforming many snow blowers.

    Crafted with a heavy gauge steel and injection-molded polypropylene, the Snow Wolf Shovel can allow you to move up to 2-feet of heavy snow with its 26" extra wide blade (slush too).

    The Snow Wolf Shovel features a unique folding frame for a more convenient frame adjustment, storage and portability.

    Call AIS TODAY Toll Free at 800-748-1945 or local 303-355-2391 or go to for your new Snow Wolf Shovel from AIS Industrial Construction Supply.