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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer


by IGN

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oo genial la nueva expancion
By Sebastian Martini 2 years ago
did i just watch the trailer for kungfu panda 3?
By superdupertrooper117 3 years ago
Hey automicdog, pay no attention to the cow, fish, bird, ox, wolf, spider, boar, candle loving rats, hyena, half tree-deer people. The list could go on, but noo pandas go too far!
By TwitchyGamer101 3 years ago
wow / wow.Pandas are you seroius. All i can think of is Kung Fu Panda. I feel like im gonna start playing a Disney game. Or maybe they are telling those of use over 30 its time to put this game up on the shelf. Looks like most of us are no longer there target market. This will be a toon a refuse to play. I hope i can get my guild to do a Kill on sight for Pandas. I think we all should do it in protest. KILL ALL PANDAS.
By automicdog 3 years ago