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    Interactive Learning Wiith Onvert Platform: Earth Science


    by onvert

    Can you imagine books telling their stories themselves? With onvert - they can!

    Books and magazines are great examples of how easy and fun reading and learning processes could be! Bright illustrations, 3D images, sounds, share option and even gravity and geo-location effects could transfer ordinary (and sometimes boring) reading process into absolutely unique and interactive experience!

    How easy would it be, in a gaming manner to learn new and exciting things for kids? How engaging and fun book reading could become with using augmented reality? The onvert platform is easy to use and can be adopted by anyone.

    Please visit our gallery at to get inspiration and see more examples.

    Created for FREE using with images and an mp3 - it's really that simple to create clever, interactive content to use for business, personal or educational. No software and free app on any OS.

    Visit for demos, tutorials and to create your own.

    Award-winning AR platform by UK creative company,