Japan's Population Could Be 50% Less Within a Century

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Japan's Population Could Be 50% Less Within a Century - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

For three years in a row, the population of Japan has been in decline, with this year recording the lowest number of births as well as the largest number of deceased.

Projections say that by the end of the century, if the ongoing trend of a lower population continues, their current population might be cut in half. The attitude of the Japanese people is that this change is a good thing, putting less of a strain on resources like energy and making city centers less crowded.

Japan’s Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry reported the results of the population census, which showed that the largest population drop occurred in the Fukushima province, which is not surprising after the earthquake and tsunami of 2022. Tokyo showed an increase in population, with the three largest cities in Japan, Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya housing over half of the total population of the country.

Overall, Japan’s population is aging, with less and less young people. One rural school designed for 200 students, only has a class of fifty.