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    Young BMW Driver Kills Four Pedestrians; Injures Three


    by NTDTelevision

    Four people are dead in one southern Chinese city after being hit by a speeding BMW. The driver was 26-years-old, and witnesses say he didn't slow down after plowing into the pedestrians.

    A 26-year-old hit seven pedestrians while driving his BMW on Saturday. It happened in the city of Dongguan in Guangdong Province. Four victims were killed, and three were seriously injured.

    One witness tells the Yangcheng Evening News that the perpetrator used to race on the streets, and is what's known as a rich second generation. That means he's set to inherit a lot of money from his parents who made their fortune in the 1980s.

    Another witness says the car didn't slow down after hitting several victims.

    "Bang! It was so loud when the car hit someone. We called 110 right away... The car kept driving down the road without slowing down at all. It was very fast, at least 80km or 90km/h."

    According to Zhangmutou County authorities, the 26-year-old's surname is Huang and is a resident of Guangdong Province.

    Dongguan police say that the perpetrator wasn't drinking or taking drugs before the accident.

    The youngest victim was only 16-months-old and the oldest is a 35-year-old man.

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