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    Filipina Pinays - So many beautiful girls in the Philippines

    Sexy Filipina Girls

    by Sexy Filipina Girls

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    The day starts off waking up from a dream with a beautiful Filipina Pinay. Those are best are they not? But even better when you wake up to reality knowing that you're in the Philippines. After that I realize how tired I am and then a Filipino man comes to my door trying to sell me religion, I think.

    I eat some breakfast with no Filipina Pinay by my side (how sad) and then head out. A nice, sunny day in the Philippines. Off to the gym, ready for badminton.

    I reach the gym and give my typical "secret" to the Filipina Pinay at the desk. I lift some weights and then head over to the badminton courts to find my Filipino challenger.

    It was destruction to say the least. We played 11 or 12 games. Then I head off to Robinson's Mall. As usual. Always some cute Filipina Pinays walking around this magnificent structure. I finish that up and run into that motorbike kid (yet again) outside the mall. Are you stalking me?

    Back to the mall again - ahh, more Filipina Pinays. I'm going to see the new Super 8 movie. I run across a Jollibee sign for their new fries. Yummy? I buy some ultimate trash food for the movie. Including some Milky Nuts. Yes, that's the real name.