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    Interceltic Festival of Lorient was born 40 years ago of the will of its founders to contribute to the development of music and Breton culture and also to open up nations Celtic settlement in the British Isles (Scotland, Country of Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Ireland) but also in northern Spain (Galicia and Asturias).

    This gave him a special place in all the festivals in Brittany, but also national in that he created a place of rendezvous starring Brittany alongside other nations and forge a new concept and bearer exchanges: the interceltisme.

    With its success, the interceltisme has taken the first Celtic British and Spanish borders and turned to other places where there is also a location, latest, following the migration of these Celtic British and Spanish.
    Thus the 'we saw the arrival of Australian pipe-bands, bagpipe players from Latin American and Canadian singers.