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    "Birth of a Predator"-The Alligator Nest Hatches

    Mark Andrew Thomas

    by Mark Andrew Thomas

    A clip from the upcoming documentary film "Birth of a Predator" coming in 2013. A mother alligator excavates her nest to uncover the hatching eggs and carries her hatchlings to the water in her mouth. The mother will hear the babies chirps coming from inside the nest and will open it up to allow them to escape.

    Music used in this clip is royalty free, official music score has not yet been added.


    From wildlife photographer and filmmaker Mark Andrew Thomas, "Birth of a Predator" is currently filming in locations throughout Florida with an expected release date of Summer 2013. The film takes a closer look at the maternal nature of the female American Alligator and shows the oft misunderstood reptile in a surprising new light.

    Status: Currently filming

    Positions available: Currently looking for a CGI graphics artist with the ability to do 3D modeling for a segment illustrating the biology of the American Alligator. For more information please contact at

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