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    Key Biscayne Wool Rug Cleaning


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    Soft, superior quality wool is used in the making of Lilihan rugs and the pile is thick and tight. Warp is normally cotton and weft is either wool or cotton. Lilihan Weavers use flat netted knots for the rugs.

    Pink is the dominant color in the rugs of Lilihan, although khaki and brown can also be seen. These rugs come in various sizes ranging from 4x6 feet to 8x10 feet.

    These high quality and beautiful rugs are a dazzling addition to any location. These rugs add a final touch of class to an ordinary looking floor. These hand crafted rugs can add some extra pizzazz to a room or one can say a rug harmonizes a room by attaching all the different sections altogether visually. They can also adjoin tenderness and help coating a room's design.

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