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    2000-Year-Old Roman Ship Found

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    by Geo Beats

    2000-Year-Old Roman Ship Found - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    An ancient roman ship has just been uncovered off the coast of Italy near the town of Genoa. The vessel is believed to be a merchant ship from between the 1st Century B.C. and the 1st Century A.D. making it around two thousand years old. The ship is remarkably intact having been buried in mud 230 feet below the surface.

    The wreckage contains sealed jars and pots called amphorae, with various things preserved in them like grains, oil, wine and pickled fish. Local fishermen dragged some broken pieces of cargo from the shipwreck into their nets, and reported their findings to authorities who then investigated the wreckage with unmanned submersibles. "There are some broken jars around the wreck, but we believe that most of the amphorae inside the ship are still sealed and food filled," said a police diving team's representative.

    Another shipwreck is being investigated by divers near the South Pacific Islands of Tonga, where they have discovered what many believe might be the famous Port-au-Prince ship. The ship reportedly contains a sunken treasure said to include gold, silver and other relics.