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    How To Change Your NAT Type to OPEN - CLICK ME! -


    by dm_5029771bf292f

    Hey Youtube, this is my first tutorial on KMCGamer and I am proud to say that this came out 10 times better than I had expected. My purpose here on YouTube is to mainly get a partnership with YouTube. I know if I try hard enough I can achieve this goal, and keep in mind I am 14 years old, so my voice may sound a little weird to you guys.

    Here is a website where you can check out how to make your NAT type open on other routers:
    All you need to do is find which router you have and follow the tutorial. Easy peasy lemon sqeezy.

    You do not need to go into Call of Duty Black Ops like I did in the video, if you know your NAT type is Moderate or Strict, then just follow along at the 55 second mark.

    As time goes on, I will try to get some Xbox 360 gameplays into my channel. Maybe even a commentary! If this video gets popular enough and you guys support me, it can all happen. Thanks Watching/Reading! Subscribe!

    ALSO! If you have any suggestions for a video you would like to see, please comment it or hit me up with a private message.

    AND! Tell me what I could do better to improve on my video making skills. If nobody ever complains that I did or do something wrong, then i will never fix it. My talent rests in your hands. haha, THANKS!