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    What to do while living under Pakistan's Non-Islamic Govt. System! By Dr Israr Ahmad.


    by bestofdrisrar

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    پاکستان کا نظام کافرانہ ہے اور ہم اس کافرانہ نظام کے شہری ہیں۔ اس کا کفارہ کیا ہے ؟
    Pakistan's system is Kafirana (Non-Islamic), and we are its citizens. What is the its Expiation (Kuffara) ?
    What should a Muslim Pakistani Do while living under Non Islamic System ?

    Watch this short video to listen, Very sensitive questions beautifully answered by Dr. Israr

    This is extract from the speech "Allah ka Musalmanoun sey Wahid Mutaliba?" by Dr. Israr Ahmad.

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