How to create Passbook Pass Barcodes without iOS6

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If you don't have the iOS6 Beta but want to start integrating Passbook into your business, follow these step by step instructions - http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xssgc8_how-to-create-passbook-pass-barcodes-without-ios6_tech - to generate a Passbook 2D Barcode without the need for iOS6.

You can quickly create a Passbook Pass image that contains your Barcode, so you can test
1. Open Safari
2. Visit http://PassK.it/passbook-barcode-generator
3. Enter whatever text you want to encode in the Barcode
maybe try the same 'code' as any coupons you issue today
the text can be any message or even a URL (e.g. http://google.com)
4. Choose the Barcode Format that first your scanning solution
5. Choose the Device Screen i.e. is it a Regular Resolution screen (iPhone 3GS) or a Retina Resolution (iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S)
6. Click on Generate Test Barcode
7. A Pass image is generated that contains your Barcode
8. Save this to your Photo library by 'holding' the image and select Save Image
9. Open the image you just saved from your Photo Library
10. You can now test the Barcode

Please note:
- This is not a real Passbook Pass
- It is an image containing a Passbook Barcode of your message encoded by the PassKit API
- Use this image, like you would a real Pass, to prepare for integration of Passbook into your business
- Unlike a Passbook Pass this image will rotate and the screen saver could activate
- Visit http://PassK.it for more details