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    Anabaptist History (Day 16) Menno Simons and the early Dutch Anabaptists

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    This is day 16 of a 5 week series on Anabaptist history. In this message the early days of Anabaptism in Holland is looked at. Obbe Philips and his brother Dirk are mentioned as well as Adam Pastor, David Joris, and other early fringe groups.

    The greatest majority of the message is spent discussing Menno Simons. Attention is given to present Menno in his own words. His personal testimony is read which includes his touching account of how the Holy spirit convicted him of sin and how he repented and became a "new creature" born again by the blood of Jesus.

    A few points of Menno is also discussed including his view of nonresistance and what Menno calls "True Evangelical Faith."

    The views presented in this message are the views of Dean Taylor and do not necessarily represent the views of Sermonindex or Faith Builders.

    Thank you for watching! :-)