Advertising Console Simulcast 2012: Learning From The Church In China by E.A. Johnston

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    Register Today: The Church And Coming Persecution - Oct 5-6, 2012 (Atlanta, GA, USA):

    The burden behind this years Simulcast theme is to prepare the body of Christ especially in the West for coming persecution. This event is geared to encourage, equip and give practical suggestions from lessons from church history.

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    SCHEDULE: Speaking Sessions (EST)
    1. The Church and The End Times Apostasy (7pm Oct 5th) - Steve Gallagher
    2. The House Church Movement in China (9am Oct 6th) - E.A. Johnston
    3. The Power Of The Spirit In The Early Church (10.30am Oct 6th) - Sandeep Poonen
    4. Home Meetings Movement During Persecution (1pm Oct 6th) - Mark S. Case
    5. Persecution in the New Testament (3pm Oct 6th) - Carl Moeller
    6. The Coming Worldwide Persecution (7pm Oct 6th) - Brian Long