[YG ON AIR] 2NE1 X Jung Sungha "I LOVE YOU"_(아이러브유)

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2NE1 has released acoustic collaboration with popular Korean guitarist Jung Sungha! Check out the awesome collaboration of "I Love You"!

2NE1과 천재 기타리스트 정성하가 함께한 감동의 콜라보 영상 공개! 새롭게 재탄생한 "I Love You" 감상해 보세요!

2NE1 X Jung Sungha "I LOVE YOU": http://youtu.be/PzCZp8sj11g
2NE1 X Jung Sungha "LONELY": http://youtu.be/8Usobswas2U
2NE1 X Jung Sungha (Making Film): http://youtu.be/C6O48Wd7Y1c

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