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    Man Tries to Sell Counterfeit Equipment to 'Hardcore Pawn' Staff

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    Man Tries to Sell Counterfeit Equipment to 'Hardcore Pawn' Staff - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    The world may be able to view one of the world’s dumbest criminal transactions on truTV’s hit show, “Hardcore Pawn”. American Jewelry and Loan, the famous store from the TV show recently encountered a criminal, trying to sell his counterfeit money and the counterfeiting machine. Kenny Smith, from Detroit allegedly arrived at the store telling the owner, Les Gold that he wanted to sell the illegal items and make an appearance on camera. However, the U.S. Secret Service had been tracking Smith for some time and showed up at the shop to bust him for “making and passing counterfeit money”.

    Last summer, 35 Florida pawn shops became the victims of fraud. A Florida man walked into the stores, wanting to sell a Babe Ruth autographed ball, which was later discovered to be fake. Tracking the suspect down was easy as he gave a store his thumbprint and driver’s license. He was charged with organized fraud with the phony balls costing pawn dealers anywhere from $500 to $3,000.