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    Ft.Cochin/Then Back & A Reprise: India Wow! [The Last Part]

    Tony Guida

    by Tony Guida

    This video covers February March 1, 2011 our last day in India. We begin by heading into the old port area of Ft. Cochin for a final look around. Once again we see the traditional net fisherman (using cantilevered nets introduced by the Chinese more than 600 years ago. In the sea food market we see their morning catch, also that of other local fisherman in small boats. From there we head over to the Basilica of Santa Cruz – and then walk over to the take a look at the wares of a couple of the most interesting souvenir shops. Before beginning the trip back we tour the “Dutch Palace.” We travel out along Mahatma Gandhi Road, our destination: the Cochin Airport. There we will board a flight for Mumbai and, after a short layover, one back to the United States. All in all in will take about a full day to get back. However, this trip is shortened by memories and dreams of our amazing “India Wow!” Though we are traveling by plane we’re thinking of some of the remarkable rides we’ve had using other means of transportation. This video is Part 14 of our India Wow! Trip.

    Our wonderful one-take only Travel Diva Hessie + old "ad" himself (tony to you) of ad Guida Video Productions went on location in India in February 2011. All video and still pictures was shot on location on March 1st.

    This video was recorded in HD, 16:9 aspect, by ad Guida Video Productions. Rights are reserved. Non-commercial downloads are ok. Anything else please contact a d Guida Video Productions @

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