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    That is a good idea, f100003877293660. MOXTUBE with a web front end and peer-to-peer back end. Marketing against the elite controllers - every visitor could be solicited to join to help take down the censorship cartels and secure absolute freedom of information, uncontrolled. This would appeal to a great number among the liberty movement, and probably could find investors there. Or, if necessary, might be able to use one of these private loan sites to find initial investment.
    By dm_502c73134c8c43 years ago
    Eugen Sandow
    Hello Michael.

    If youtube is going to operate as the filtering arm of the global elite/corporate/banking criminal cartel, then don't use it. Set up your own web site. Set up peer to peer file sharing. Hit the local college and get some techie kids to help out. Keep the videos alive through redundancy. Burn them as DVDs and pass them out. Organize an online MOX news team. Have volunteers upload new videos and help sort the existing ones.

    I would be tickled to have my computer serve as a peer to peer file sharing node in something like MOX news that fought back against the tyranny of the state controlled news media. Having such a system would insure that the videos remain active and alive and shared by the public.

    And think about having people share DVDs of the videos. I have seen people burning DVDs of 9/11 videos and documentaries that expose the banking system scam as well as other topics. Going grass roots and 'low tech' is the surest way to protect our efforts.
    By Eugen Sandow3 years ago
    glad to see you on Dailymotion MOX
    By SaveOurSovereignty3 years ago
    Farhad Irandoust
    Hey Moxy. I'm sorry to hear about your channel. I think they won't stop reporting until they have locking you out of the web; but you still may have your own personal website to embedding videos. people could always subscribe to your website so they lose none of the stories. I have a small dedicated server for my personal use and if you want, you're welcome to use part of the server for free. If you are interested, just comment on my facebook page and let me know.
    By Farhad Irandoust3 years ago