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    Classic Game Room - DIE HARD ARCADE for Sega Saturn


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room reviews DIE HARD ARCADE for Sega Saturn from 1997. This arcade style beat 'em up has little to do with the movie but packs a lot of bizarre beating up enemy action. Make your way through a strange polygon formed universe and pick up a variety of weapons like axes, brooms, rocket launchers and hand guns to fight bad guys so weird they can be called weirdos. Unique quicktime events combined with 2d yet 3d action is only half the game here in DIE HARD arcade, the rest of the game is so strange it has to be seen to believe. It wouldn't be that bad if it were not for terrible, sluggish controls and piss poor use of the amazing Sega Saturn controller. Die Hard Arcade gameplay is passable and this game is definately worth a play (at least once). Not a stand out title on the Saturn by any means, but a unique beat em up pseudo side scrolling action game with some unique elements and lots of weirdos waiting to be dealt with. Classic Game Room HD reviews Sega Saturn games as a Sega Saturn reviewer reviewing Sega Saturn beat 'em up fighting games like DIE HARD ARCADE!