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    Classic Game Room - YOSHI'S ISLAND for Super Nintendo review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews YOSHI'S ISLAND for Super Nintendo SNES from 1995! Also known as Super Mario World 2, Yoshi's Island is an amazing 16-bit side scroller with incredibly deep gameplay with intelligent design that separates it from the normal side scroller. You play as a variety of Yoshis (I didn't know there was more than one!) who are trying to rescue baby Mario's twin brother Luigi! Luigi was kidnapped!? Amber Alert! Yoshis embark on the adventure of a lifetime through 40 some stages packed with hidden items, coins, flowers and bad guys. Jump, hop, run and eat enemies. After eating them Yoshi can turn them into eggs which he shoots at objects or just spit them out as projectiles. Very clever! While it may look like a children's game Yoshi's Island is much more. Amazing visuals, well produced music and gameplay that is miles ahead of most games makes this one a must play for fans of Mario games and side scrollers. This CGR review of Yoshi's Island has gameplay from the SNES game cartridge, Yoshi's Island showing game play from Super Nintendo in action during the review of Yoshi's Island, Super Mario World 2.