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    Classic Game Room - PIT FIGHTER for Sega Genesis review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews PIT FIGHTER for Sega Genesis from 1991. This fighting game falls into the "so bad that it's awesome" category. 90's style, button mashing fighting, digitized Mortal Kombat-style graphics and unitelligible voice dialog... this game has it all! There's sweaty meat heads, stereotypical martial arts fighters and a chick in pseudo-bondage gear that taunts you and throws knives. Pit Fighter is as cheesy as it gets and remarkably enjoyable considering how tremendously bad it really is. Smash barrels and bar stools over your oppontents' heads and watch out for the crowd which inches forward to stab you. Pit Fighter has 2 player fighting so that you and a friend can enjoy the senseless violence and mayhem. You gotta play it! This CGR review of Pit Fighter has gameplay from the Sega Genesis cartridge of Pit Fighter showing Pit Fighter video game play in action. Based on the awesome arcade stand up machine. Pit Fighter Mega Drive.