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Classic Game Room - BATTLETECH for Sega Genesis review


by ClassicGameRoom

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Classic Game Room HD reviews BATTLETECH for the Sega Genesis from 1994. Control a giant mech and crush enemies, shoot them with laser beams and destroy buildings. Sounds like a winner! The game is pretty good but would definitely benefit from dual thumbsticks, dual d-pads or dual joysticks because while you can walk in one direction and shoot in another the controls are awkward. One d-pad is one d-pad too little.

The game is a tactical action game where players complete objectives in five different environments from a ¾ view top-down perspective. This CGR review shows gameplay from Battletech on Sega Genesis with video showing game play from Battletech in action. On the Sega Mega Drive (aka the Genesis) Battletech is a good looking game where the mech is well animated and cool looking. Reminds me of the Jenner / Locust from Mechwarrior, which is in the same family as this game, the Battletech universe!

While this game is not related to Robotech some of the enemy mechs look surprisingly similar to Veritech Fighters or Jetfire from Transformers.

Machine gunning enemies and laying waste to the enemy forces is always entertaining and the game has a password system so that you can save your game after a successful mission and return to it later. Of particular note is the uber-sexy computer voice in the game that reminds you of when you are about to overheat and explode.

Battletech suffers from some clumsy controls but is still playable if you give the game some time. Your mech has three different weapons and the maps are large and full of things to destroy. Fans of other Mechwarrior-style games and the Battletech comics and/or TV shows should give this game a try.