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    Classic Game Room - GROWLANSER: WAYFARER OF TIME review for PSP


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Growlanser Wayfarer of Time review. Classic Game Room reviews GROWLANSER; WAYFARER OF TIME for Sony PSP published by ATLUS U.S.A., a plot-heavy, awesome tactical JRPG starring CGR's hero, ASTROPIMP. The Growlanser RPG series started in 1999 with Growlanser on the PS1 in Japan and continues to this day with six primary games. Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time is an updated re-release of Growlanser IV which debuted on the PS2 in 2003. The story revolves around an ancient civilization which was destroyed 2000 years ago and rebuilt only to face danger again. You play as a "ruin child", one found in an ancient ruin, who has special powers to open doors. Gameplay is loosely styled on tactical strategy games and features anime cut scenes and artwork by Satoshi Urushihara. Fans of lengthy JRPG video games and tactical strategy should enjoy the deep plot, character depth and robust gameplay. CGR Growlanser video review features Growlanser Wayfarer of Time gameplay on PSP.